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I’ve been sent into the lair of the beast….

It should be a dream assignment—leave my boring day-to-day routine and travel to a seaside mansion to interview superstar author Jack R. R. Bestia. Who wouldn’t want that?

Me, that’s who.

He has a reputation for being reclusive and temperamental, but that’s not why I’m leery of the assignment. It’s because the first (and last) time I met Jack… well, let’s just say I didn’t make a good impression.

When I get to the mansion—which is more like a secluded castle—things don’t go much better. I’m sure he’s going to throw me out entirely. The only way I manage to squeak in is by signing a massive non-disclosure agreement. And I soon figure out why.

Jack has a secret—and it’s a big one.

Now that iron-clad contract I signed means I have to stay here until his long-overdue book is finished—and he’s not going to make it easy.

Jack acts every bit as beastly as the tabloids claimed, and I feel like a fairytale princess trapped in his tower. But every once in a while I get a glimpse of the charming (not to mention super sexy) man beneath the growly exterior and I wonder… could this beast be tamed?


Bookworm and the Beast is a full-length hot small town romance take on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. It’s a standalone enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, slow burn romance with no cheating or cliffhangers but plenty of humor and heart.


You can’t completely comprehend the term “shaken” until you find yourself playing an accidental game of Seven Minutes in Heaven with your lifelong unrequited crush at a swanky society fundraiser.
—Hunter Bestia

So I’ve just been kicked out of my family home… by my wicked step-mother. I know, I know, sounds like something out of a fairy tale.

More like a horror movie.

But even I have no sympathy for the poor-little-rich-girl sob story, and I refuse to take charity, so I’ve traded my camera for a waitress’s order pad and put my dream of becoming a world-renowned photographer on hold.

The problem is I can’t keep couch-surfing at my best friend’s tiny house. I need a new place to live—the sooner and cheaper the better.

Thanks to a knack for coding and a whole lot of hard work, I’ve gotten almost everything I ever wanted growing up poor among the rich kids of Eastport Bay, Rhode Island.


I’ve made my first billion, working with my six best friends is a blast, and women are throwing themselves at me everywhere I go.

Actually, that last thing wasn’t on my list.

There’s only one woman I’ve really ever wanted, and she’s still out of my league. All my money means nothing to her.


But then we end up accidentally spending seven minutes in heaven–in this case a dark room at a high society party–together, and I start to think she might not be so indifferent to me after all. So I offer her a bargain she can’t afford to refuse.

She’s desperate for a temporary place to live—my mansion has plenty of room.

And there’s no way I’m leaving Snow White out in the cold this winter.

Not when there’s even the smallest chance my lifelong unrequited crush might finally wake up and see I’m the prince she’s been waiting for.

Bargain with the Bachelor is a full-length sexy small town romance take on the Snow White fairy tale. It’s a standalone secret crush, friends-to-lovers, roommates, fake dating billionaire romance.



You can’t really grasp the full essence of the word “mortified” until you’ve stood face to face with the former love of your life—covered head to toe in soot and cobwebs. – Cinda Brown

 She’s risen from the ashes of heartbreak…

As a single mom, I’m not looking for Prince Charming. The last time I fell for a handsome, sophisticated, wealthy guy, he left me at the worst possible time without a look backward or even a word of explanation.

 He did leave me with a lovely parting gift though… which arrived nine months later.

 With no way to reach him, I picked up the pieces of that shattered glass slipper and moved on. Now I’m running my own business—the Fairy Godmother Cleaning Agency. My hands—and all my hours—are more than full managing my employees (including my two hapless stepsisters) and keeping my four-year-old son happy, healthy, fed, and clothed. It’s not easy doing it all on my own, but I have zero interest in a new relationship.

 And who has the time? My high society clients expect their mansions to be sparkling—on schedule—come hell, high water, or hurricane.

 So when a flu epidemic sweeps through my agency the day before the royal family of Aubernesse is to arrive in Eastport Bay, I put on a uniform and pick up the slack, working furiously to make sure their gorgeous vacation home is immaculate and ready for the elaborate ball they’re planning to throw.

 He’s looking for the perfect fit…

I’m back in Eastport Bay for the first time in five years—and not exactly happy to be here. There’s a reason I’ve stayed away so long.

 The place lost its magic for me long ago—the night the only girl I’ve ever loved proved beyond a shadow of a doubt she didn’t feel the same.

 But this trip is non-negotiable, a matter of duty. I’m planning to fly in, attend the ridiculous ball my mother is so insistent upon, then get back to my life in Europe as quickly as possible.

 That is until I arrive at the family estate early and catch the cleaning crew still at work.

 And get a look at the woman beneath that coating of dust, ash, and spiderwebs…

The Baby and the Blue Blood is a small-town romance take on Cinderella, filled with heart, heat, and secret baby/second chance/royal billionaire romance fun!


You can’t appreciate all the implications of the word “conflicted” until you come face to face with the guy you’ve been secretly lusting after for weeks… and then learn he’ll be signing your paychecks—Angelina Rappaport


Some people might call me sheltered. That doesn’t begin to cover it. I’ve been practically sequestered my whole life. Constantly warned by my eccentric and reclusive mother against the “dangers of the world,” I was only allowed outside my home to attend a strict girls’ school. No parties. No sleepovers. NO boys.




Even now in my early twenties, the extent of my social life is spending time with the adorable three and four-year-olds at the preschool where I work. I’ve hardly ever spoken to a man, except for exchanging morning greetings with the fathers of my students.


And soon, I’ll obey my mother’s wishes and enter religious service, training to be a nun.


But gazing out my bedroom window in the turret of my family’s crumbling seaside mansion, I secretly dream of a different life, one that involves freedom, adventure, love, and children of my own.

I at least want a kiss before I give up and follow my mother’s plan for my life.


Sullivan Reece

As a heavyweight boxing champion in prime condition, I can easily go twelve rounds with the toughest fighters on the planet—but when it comes to my two little girls… I’m a lightweight.


Now that my ex has declared herself “done” with mothering, and my spirited and mischievous daughters are living with me full-time, I’m realizing just how much I don’t know about raising kids. My own upbringing in a tough neighborhood left a lot to be desired—I basically raised myself, and honestly, didn’t do all that great a job of it.


And then there’s my demanding training schedule and the travel required for my career. What I really need is a live-in nanny. Yesterday.


But as newcomer to Eastport Bay, I have no idea where or how to find the right caretaker for the two most important people in my life. So when my neighbors say they know the perfect person, I jump at the chance to hire her. She has experience with children, she needs a place to live, and she’s exactly the kind of classy role model I want for my daughters.


There’s just one problem… the new nanny is everything I’m not—sweet, innocent, good. It goes without saying she’s completely off-limits.


Oh, and she’s a total knockout.


The Baby-whisperer and the Brute is a full-length small town romance fairytale retelling of Rapunzel. It’s a standalone single dad/forbidden love/forced proximity/slow burn romance with no cheating or cliffhangers but plenty of humor and heat and a gentle bruiser with a heart of gold.


He’s her older brother’s bad boy best friend. And now… he’s her bodyguard.

Meet the Bombshell…

 I’ve kissed a lot of frogs. Not proud of it, and it’s earned me some unflattering tabloid headlines… Jade Leaves Another One Jaded. But hey, at least I’ve gotten a string of hit songs out of the experience. And I’ve learned a lot from my highly public and lightning-fast relationships—namely what I don’t want in a man.

 So when my older brother’s bad-boy best friend Wilder Lowe strolls back into my life, looking even more handsome, more dangerous, and less interested than ever, I don’t give him a second glance.

 Problem is, this time I can’t just walk away—my music career has attracted its share of stalkers—the latest is the scariest one yet—and Wilder is my new bodyguard.

 Meet the Bodyguard…

 I’m not in the habit of turning down billionaires as potential clients. I didn’t build my own immensely successful security business by being stupid.

 But when my best friend asks me to act as a bodyguard for his very-much-forbidden little sister—you better believe I plan to turn down the detail. As a former Navy  combat diver, a Frogman, I know a nuclear depth bomb when I see one.

 Then there’s a call in the middle of the night, and when I hear that frightened, all-too-familiar voice, the plea from the one girl I could never say no to, I’m lost. I’ll do anything and everything it takes to keep her safe.

 Even if that means whisking her away to my own private island.

The Bombshell and the Bodyguard is a hot small-town romance take on The Frog Prince fairytale. It’s a standalone secret crush/best friend’s little sister/celebrity/bodyguard forbidden love story filled with heart, heat, and billionaire romance fun!


One crazy Christmas Eve wish leads to one crazy-good night…

Hap Bailey

From the outside, I probably look like I’ve got it made. 

A billionaire former child star who’s now a director/producer, I’m always the life of the party, never in a bad mood, always happy. 

What people don’t see is my inner struggle to prove to the world—and myself— that I’m more than a washed-up kid actor, that I’ve got more to offer than “where are they now” memes and a fat bank account.

Thanks to the money and fame, meeting women has always been easy. What’s hard is resisting the one woman I can’t have… the one who’s under my own roof—and under my skin. Every. Single. Day. 

 Rachel Hamelin

Call me once-burned, twice-shy—and not just because I’m a personal chef. 

The last rich guy I worked for not only broke my heart, he also derailed my dream of owning my own restaurant. I am d-o-n-e done with wealthy men, and I’ve thoroughly learned my lesson about mixing work and personal relationships. 

So now that I’m cooking for Hap and his housemates at the “billionaire bachelor house” in Eastport Bay, I plan to ignore my growing feelings for my boss and keep it professional—no matter what it takes. 

But when a Christmas Eve blizzard traps us alone together at the mansion, that’s easier said than done. 

And when he presents me with an unexpected—and utterly perfect—gift, my plans to avoid the mistletoe may be no match for Eastport Bay Christmas magic. 


Scarlett and the Big Bad Billionaire is a hot small town romance take on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

In my expert opinion, every woman who’s been left at the altar should follow up that singularly humiliating experience by spending a week in paradise with a totally inappropriate—and totally sexy—stranger.

Even better if you meet him at the bar of the resort hotel where your destination wedding and honeymoon were supposed to take place.

Even even better if he’s hot and jacked and there are no names exchanged and zero chance of ever seeing him again afterward.

One week of no-holds-barred sex, sun, rum, and fun and your broken heart is on the road to recovery— or at least approaching the on-ramp.

Of course the key to pulling off this surefire heartbreak cure is to make sure you don’t fall for him during that amazing week during which you lived out every sexual fantasy you’ve ever had.

And whatever you do, don’t run into your non-honeymoon fling three years later—at your matchmaking grandma’s house.


Live now and in KU!!

When we last saw each other eleven years ago, I would have bet everything I owned, would’ve bet my mother’s life that Reid Mancini loved me.

I knew that because I loved him, too. Madly, passionately, with every fiber of my seventeen-year-old being. And that was why I made sure after our high school graduation night I would never see him again.

So much for that plan.

My new TV reporting job in Providence, Rhode Island is both good and bad. Good because it’s a great step up career-wise. Bad because it’s a little too close to home… and to him, the only guy who’s ever tempted me to let go and love someone.

Now my first love is all grown up with a full-grown man’s size and power and an oversized cocky attitude to match. With the world’s largest social media network to his name, he’s got all the fame and fortune he ever wanted and then some—and no doubt a harem-full of willing women falling at his feet. Oh, and he hates me. Not that I can blame him.

He has no idea why I abandoned him so suddenly… or how often I still think of him. He won’t find out either—not if I have anything to do with it.

Everything would’ve been fine if he’d just stuck to his famously aloof no-talking-to-the-media policy. But no, he’s decided to give his first ever television interview. And he says he’ll talk only to me.

If I could turn him down without losing my job, I’d do it in a heartbeat. That’s how desperately I don’t want to be in the same room with him, talking one-on-one, on camera for God’s sake. But in TV news, ratings rule—and hot, hard-to-get billionaires are ratings gold. So I have to spend a week with him getting the story. It’s the only way to keep my job.

I just hope I can keep my secrets in the process.

It’s only a week. I can do this. Seven days. Two ex-lovers. One last chance. Now we’ll see exactly how much of a difference a decade can make… and how impossible it may be to leave the past behind.

THE GRUMPY BILLIONAIRE is a hot small-town romance take on Sleeping Beauty. It’s a standalone enemies to lovers, second chance romance filled with heart, heat, and grumpy billionaire romance fun!