Tru Taylor writes binge-worthy romantic comedy and small town romance that’s hot and sunny (and a little bit funny.) Her job isn’t done until you’ve swooned, smiled, and sometimes even snorted with laughter. She loves to hear from her readers so reach out anytime and say hello!

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The Sleepless Billionaire

They say nothing good happens after midnight. They haven’t met Tuck.

Tucker Donnegan’s world is upside down. Or at least his days and nights are. As a software programmer and partner in the world’s fastest growing online payment processor, Tuck’s working with his six best friends, living in America’s first playground of the rich and famous—beautiful Easport Bay, Rhode Island— and he’s made his first billion.

Too bad money can’t buy you love. Not the real thing anyway.

Tuck’s time-flipped lifestyle has him awake all night, sleeping during the day, and lonely most of the time. The only bright spot in his long, solitary nights is Nooky’s, an all-night diner where he goes to work… and lately, to see her— the beautiful woman who’s shown up there every night for the past two weeks.

They haven’t talked yet. Hell, she hasn’t even looked at him. But there’s something different about this woman. Tuck has an inexplicable feeling about her, and that’s something that’s never happened to him before.

So tonight… things are going to change. He can’t go on losing sleep over her… unless it’s for the very best of reasons.